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Prayer and Fasting Tom Lillis 10-12-2018
Faith & Works Michael Howard 10-12-2018
Re: Follow-up Paul L. Kozlowski 10-12-2018
Wisdom Roger Edwards 10-12-2018
embryonic stem cell research funded organizations dam 10-12-2018
Shots FrankV 10-12-2018
Unviable embryos Grace 10-12-2018
Birth control Evelyn kafie 10-12-2018
Medically prescribed condom use Bridgette 10-09-2018
Re: Church Scandal Pamela 10-08-2018
St. Michael's prayer FRANKV 10-08-2018
Priest scandal FrankV 10-08-2018
10 our father 10 hail mary Adrian Yeow 10-08-2018
Nomination of Supreme Court Justice Gerald Streff 10-02-2018
Re: Supreme Court Nominee Paul L. Kozlowski 10-02-2018
Comment of your answer Deborah 10-02-2018
priest abuse Sonja 10-02-2018
Church scandal Anonymous 10-02-2018
Scandal Reba 09-22-2018
Abortion, Separation of Church and State Steve 09-22-2018
Abortion Stats Elizabeth Jansen 09-22-2018
Church Crisis lroy 09-22-2018
Latest revelations on sex abuse in the church Michael 09-16-2018
Cornelia Ferreira? IndianLady 09-16-2018
saints Dila Dusovic 09-16-2018
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